View Full Version : An unusual "is this lineage allowed on TTD?"

2008-05-31, 08:33 AM
Taped a gig last night, DPA 4061 > Hi-MD in PCM wave format. Lovely. Up around the 85 minute mark, I wasn't sure how much longer the band would play, so I stopped recording to switch into Hi-SP mode in order to get enough capacity for the whole show. However, before I'd started rolling again, they announced "last song", so I restarted up in PCM mode. I captured the 35 seconds of applause and talking in between on my phone in super sexy 12kbps AMR format, and have spliced this short section into the main recording so that I've got the complete set. Could I seed this here?!

2008-05-31, 09:36 AM
I'll flag this for the ABT mods.

2008-05-31, 12:26 PM
We talked.
We say go.

Patching a few seconds is no problem.

Thanks for using PCM on your MD player :thumbsup