View Full Version : trouble uploading?

2008-05-25, 03:46 PM
Im using Utorrent (my first time uploading a torrent here btw) I created the tracker using utorrent and uploaded it with all the information. I input the tracker announce URL by following FAQ, yet utorrent shows the red upload arrow and It's not registering me as a seeder here, but it shows 7 leechers or so and everyone is in fact getting the show just fine.

Ive been searchin the forums for an answer for a while now... tried the stopping all the other torrents i had open closing the program and starting it again.. DHT isnt on initial seeding is on.

2008-05-25, 03:53 PM
this can be deleted. just figured it out. thanks :P

2008-05-25, 03:54 PM
did you check off the Private Torrent option when creating the .torrent file?

2008-05-25, 07:03 PM
i dont believe i did but Ill have to double check for that next time. seems to be working ok now.