View Full Version : How do you burn a "mini DVD" with a VIDEO_TS folder on a CD

2008-05-25, 11:11 AM

Saw this on the thread about the 19 minute Prince DVD here:


"This can be burnt as mini DVD on a CDR"

The question is, how? I have a Mac with Toast, and I've never come across this option. Always a shame to waste a full DVD on such a short show, especially as I have a bunch of blank CDs sitting here unloved!

Oh, and Mrs Branston has a PC, so don't worry, I'm happy to hear Mac or PC suggestions.

Cheers! :wave:

2008-05-25, 11:33 AM
I went to videohelp.com (awesome site, bookmark it!) and found this: http://www.videohelp.com/oldguides/minidvd

edit: whoops, I assumed that talked about how to do it but is actually just *about* it. Take a look at this thread http://forum.videohelp.com/topic351113.html?highlight=mini%20dvd

2008-05-25, 11:47 AM
If you use Nero:

Click new to make a new compilation and choose CD (not DVD).
Then, below there is a list:
CD (Mixed)
CD Extra
Copy of CD
Super Video CD
CD-rom (bootable)
CD-rom (UDF)
CD-rom (UDF/ISO)
Audio book CD

Choose miniDVD here, the rest is the same as with regular DVD burning.

2008-05-25, 03:02 PM
The only problem is that not all players support this format because of different disc density. So, check with CD RW before a final burn.

2008-05-26, 07:38 AM
Thanks gang, I'll have a go later on. Cheers!

2008-05-29, 01:21 PM
Thanks again - doesn't play in my stand alone player, but it was fun to try :wave: