View Full Version : CD-R errors. need help

2005-04-08, 07:42 PM

I am having trooubles getting my CD-R to burn.

I have a Samsung CD-R/RW 248-B 48x

I am using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5, and keep getting 2 errors when trying to burn a CD.

1-- buffer underrun.
2-- track write error.

My HD is defragmented, and has 30% free space, latest firmware is installed for the CD-R.

I've dont all the things listed here,


I burnt some discs a few months ago with no problems. Now I only get through the testing phase.

Any suggestions would be great,


2005-04-08, 07:54 PM
try burning with EAC instead of Easy Coaster Creator

hope this helps

2005-04-08, 08:28 PM
If you're running WinXP, it has a nasty habit of resetting your Optical drives from DMA mode to PIO mode when it encounters a sector read error.

If in fact you're using windows, check Device Manager and see if your Secondary IDE Controller is using DMA. If it isn't, you need to delete the controller, and then reboot. It should reinstall itself and set its mode to DMA.

See if that helps.