View Full Version : Tracker Status: Tracker sending invalid data: <NULL>

2008-05-06, 04:35 PM
I've got several torrents that I've downloaded and have left seeded so that others could download them. I'm using BitTorrent 6.0.3. They have been working fine for several days.

However, today, I was working on forwarding my ports ... unsuccessfully, I might add.

Now, all of those previously downloaded and seeded shows are showing up with a Red "up" arrow, and the message:

Tracker Status: Tracker sending invalid data: <NULL>

I can't figure out why, and now I'm not uploading any data from the torrents. How do I correct this?

2008-05-06, 05:18 PM
You are seeding your maximum number of ten torrents currently. All others will show up with Invalid Tracker status. I suggest you only choose to seed a couple of torrents that need to be seeded. (Several you are 'seeding' have 0 leechers and therefore don't need to be seeded.)

2008-05-06, 06:11 PM