View Full Version : Head spinning from video seeding policy...

2008-05-02, 11:24 PM
Can someone check the info text attached to see if its allowed to be placed on the tracker. Tried to absorb the policies, but I think I left my brain back in Woodstock. Thanks :rolleyes:

2008-05-02, 11:37 PM
I would say probably not.

Lineage ->Pro Shot(UK TV) > UNKNOWN > NTSC DVDR

UK TV is PAL, & this DVD is NTSC, so there's been a conversion (& loss of quality) somewhere along the line.

A mod can let you know for sure.

2008-05-03, 12:06 AM
Best thing to do is to ask one of the Video Torrent Mods listed here: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showgroups.php? But, as rspencer mentioned, one thing they look for is the format it's being offered in (PAL or NTSC) and the country it originated from to make sure those things match up.

2008-05-03, 12:39 AM
Wow you guys are quick. Thanks for saving me the effort.

I thought I'd post something while waiting for an answer for a reseed. My collection went up in smoke, so I dont have to much to offer.

Thanks again!!!