View Full Version : How to seed with flashget?

2008-04-30, 03:44 PM

I know this topic is heavily discussed and I am very frustrated that I can't figure out how to seed using flashget.

If you could help or point me to a post I would appreciate it.

thank you!

2008-04-30, 04:07 PM
Did you try looking at their site to see if they have a FAQ? http://www.flashget.com/en/download.htm
Or, try posting what you have done and what is happening and maybe someone can help you. (Although, the majority of users here use uTorrent or Azureus.)

2008-04-30, 08:42 PM
Thank you very much U2Lynne.

I'm pretty sure I did everything right to become a seeder of a downloaded torrent using flashget with no luck.

I went ahead and downloaded and installed uTorrent 1.7.7.

I believe I'm having pretty good success. Through uTorrent, I'm currently showing a "seeding" status on 2 torrents I have downloaded from here.

I am sustaining about 30 to 70 kB/s up speed on each torrent. Is that decent?

I'll go ahead and re-trace some of what I think the major steps are in case it can benefit other newbies. I hope to move beyond newbie-dom soon.

My ISP: Comcast
Subscription plan: 4 Mb/s

1) I downloaded and installed uTorrent 1.7.7

2) I re-located the torrent download page for a torrent that I already have downloaded for which I wanted to become a seeder: I then re-downloaded the torrent in uTorrent and uTorrent was able to tell that I was already 100% down. (actually it thought I was about 99.6% done and went into download mode for about 30s; then switched over to 100% done and made me a seeder)

3) Another user, Tubular suggested: "-use a port for BT between about 45,000 - 60,000" : so I am using port 55000 (see Options->Preferences->Connection

4) Tubular also said use encryption: so I have encryption turned on (Options->Preferences->BitTorrent)

5) After all that, like everyone says, make your download max speed as low as possible and upload max speed as high as possible: to experiment with how high I could get my upload rate to go, I set the max download rate to 1 kB/s and max upload rate to 0 (unlimited): at times I'm seeing my upload speed go to about 84 kB/s.

6) Under Options -> Preferences -> Queueing, I would watch the "Seed while ratio is <" setting. I set this very high so I would not stop seeding anytime soon. I set it to 1000000%.