View Full Version : Is it possible to see the last ten torrents downloaded

2008-04-30, 10:31 AM
A quick question.
Is it possible to see the last say ten torrents downloaded by you as a user?
If so could another user point me towards the correct function to see this.
If not...then would it be possible to include this?
It would make seeding much easier...to look at a list downloaded and helping seed over a period without having to work hard on keeping a record of material downloaded.

2008-04-30, 10:52 AM
We don't keep track of what you have downloaded in a way that would make that list possible. It would mean recoding parts of our tracker to do so and I'm not really wanting to do that.

You could Subscribe (Thread Tools > Subscribe to thread) to the torrents you have downloaded and then view the list, http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/subscription.php?do=viewsubscription, and the torrent stats are listed for the still active torrents.

2008-04-30, 10:59 AM
At times I'd like to use any spare bandwidth helping seed things I'd downloaded but without having to spend time recording stuff.
I'll try to look into what you suggest....thanks.

2008-04-30, 11:11 AM
What bittorrent client do you use? I use Azureus, and I know uTorrent is similar, in that it keeps the list of torrents in the client window and you can see how many seeders/leechers are on each. And, at least on Azureus, you can choose what columns to show like your ratio for that show, total uploaded, etc. You can then sort by anything on that list. I will sort by Peers right before bed to get a list of shows that have Peers and then see if any need a Seeder.