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2008-04-30, 01:41 AM
I went to that audioblog link that jetrell posted and grabbed some shows.

I'd like to help seed one that I don't think is active on the site....how do I do that? Do I need special permissions to upload? I know some places ya do.

Figured I'd help out someway....


2008-04-30, 01:42 AM
If you want to seed a show that has become inactive, you just have to include the link to the original upload thread. When you upload, there's a box for a RESEED link.

2008-04-30, 01:43 AM
If it hasn't ever been uploaded, or it's different, you don't need to do the reseed thing.

Good to see you're working on that ratio.

2008-04-30, 01:49 AM
yeah, the ratio was over 1:1 and then I grabbed a Santana show last night and it fucked it all up again. lol

Gave myself a :stfu: just for good measure and got back on the uploading. :lol4:

And I gotta search and make sure whether it's still listed here, or if it had been gotten at another board.

2008-04-30, 01:50 AM
always compare the fingerprints to see if you have the same audio or not...

2008-04-30, 01:56 AM
also have to give myself another :stfu: because all three I downloaded were still up over here and have seeders but zero leechers. *banging head against wall*

The ones I grabbed were:

The Doors f/Eddie Vedder
Pearl Jam - The Gossman Project
Pearl Jam - Westwood One

Oh well....que sera sera and all that

2008-04-30, 02:01 AM
You're new, it usually takes a few. Don't worry, the time will come.

2008-04-30, 02:02 AM
always compare the fingerprints to see if you have the same audio or not...

Forgot to mention that, good one, James. :thumbsup

Dana Gillespie
2008-04-30, 02:34 AM
i uploaded a Fleetwood Mac show by just following the instructions on the technical forum. it was easier than i thought it would be.

good luck! :wave:

2008-04-30, 02:41 AM
Another thing, try to mention who the original uploader was, to avoid confusion and/or anger.