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2005-04-05, 01:26 PM

I'd like to seed a show but I am unsure of the lineage. When I got it there was only an "unknown aud" for the source. It was seeded at TMNSP but not many people got it. I believe it may have been pulled by the seeder because of some pops and clicks at the end of the last disc. I removed the pops with cool edit 96 and all is good now. Is this legit for the Den? Thanks

Here is the txt without the setlist

George Clinton & The PFunk All-Stars
Featuring Bernie Worrell and Bootsy Collins
Summer Stage; Central Park
July 4, 1996

Source: Unknown AUD
shn > foobar2K 0.8.3 (converted and bit verified) > Flac (original shn md5's included)
sbe's (d3t6-10) fixed and md5 created with shntool 2.0.3 via Trader's Little Helper 0.9.1 (build 48).

notes: This was originally seeded by Macroint at TMNSP.
Disc 3 tracks 6 through 10 had few pops or clicks which
I removed with Cool Edit 96. There are still some tiny sounds (barely audible)
here and there that I believe is rain (outside concert). There are also a few spots
where it seems as if a portion of the sound is repeated. I
don't know how to fix that or if it can be fixed but it isn't major
in my opinion. This has very good sound but it is a little chatty
in some spots. Especially during quiet portions of the show but
it does not detract from the great performance or the recording.

2005-04-05, 04:09 PM
yes, this is fine, the lineage just needs the cool edit '96 part added in. at what stage was it taken into cool edit '96 and was this done once or twice?

2005-04-05, 05:30 PM
Thanks Five. Only did the cool edit once to the files in question.