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2008-04-29, 07:05 AM
Seeded torrents all night. My ratio didn't change. Thought perhaps refreshing the browser window may update the info. Nada.

I attached a screen shot of my TTD torrents and their ratios. I also snapped a shot of my friendly little welcome message and not so friendly reminder of my ratio status.

I took Trig and Calc in high school but this still isn't adding up.

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2008-04-29, 07:28 AM
Are these ALL the torrents you've participated in, or just the ones you were seeding last night?

Regards, Graham

2008-04-29, 09:51 AM
Notice the numbers on your image...
Seeds Peers
0(17) 0(5)
0(1) 0(2)
0(5) 0(4)
0(204) 3(33)

The number in parenthesis is the total number of Seeds or Peers. The number right before it is the number of those that *you* are connected to. You may only transfer data to someone you are connected to. In those four torrents, you are only connected to someone in the last torrent. You are connected to 3 leechers and yet there are a total 0f 204 seeders who are also helping to seed that show. You are only able to transfer data on that one show and chances are it was very, very little data since there are so many other seeders.

Currently, you are on three torrents. And of these three torrents, only one has leechers. And that show has only one leecher and six seeders, so you won't be seeding a whole lot on that one either.

2008-04-29, 04:07 PM
Utorrent shows I've seeded my four TTD torrents at a ratio of

Now.. it's not enough data to re-balance my ratio, which I realize, but it still seems off. I just seeded all day today and got a .01 change in my ratio within the browser (which was refreshed of course.) I guess now... I'm going to watch how much the data is changing on my upped note.

Anything else that may be throwing this off?

2008-04-29, 04:33 PM
Anything else that may be throwing this off?
Math for retards follows:

4 Torrents Downloaded = 1.782 Gb
Ratio total of 4.859 / 4 Torrents = 1.21475

Total Downloaded: 1.782 Gb
Total Uploaded: 2.164865

Good one Scoob.
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2008-04-29, 04:51 PM
Those are the only 4 torrents you've been involved in in the last 12 months since you joined?

2008-04-29, 05:25 PM
Make sure you have DHT turned off. It is on be default, so you need to actually do something to turn it off (try google, I use Azureus on a mac, so I can't help you). If you connect to others via DHT, then you are bypassing the tracker and thus not telling the tracker about what you have uploaded and thus no update on your stats.

I also noticed that the last time I had posted, you had just restarted your torrents about 30 minutes prior. Right now, it looks like they were just started 1.5 hours ago. Are you doing this? It could be if something is restarting uTorrent on you that it isn't being done correctly and letting uTorrent talk to the tracker prior to being restarted.

And just a little thing, but the only show you are actually seeding is the 1975 Bob Marley one which currently has 152 seeders and 4 leechers. You simply can't be uploading much there. It's a 205 MB show. Even if you were to be able to upload 'your share', that is only 820MB needed divided by 156 seeders which is a bit over 5 MB for each person to share before the leechers are all done.

(I like math, too, and yours is faulty. As an example - if you had a .5 ratio on a 10 GB show and then a 2.0 ratio on 3 shows that were only 1 GB each, this is your logic:

4 Torrents Downloaded = 13 GB
Ratio total of (.5+2+2+2) / 4 Torrents = 1.625

Total Downloaded: 10+1+1+1 = 13 GB
Total Uploaded: 13*1.625 = 21.125GB
Share Ratio: 21.125 / 13 = 1.625

Reality is:
4 Torrents Downloaded = 13Gb
Upload on torrent 1 = .5 * 10 GB = 5 GB
Upload on torrent 2 = 2 * 1 GB = 2 GB
Upload on torrent 3 = 2 * 1 GB = 2 GB
Upload on torrent 4 = 2 * 1 GB = 2 GB

Total Uploaded: 5 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 11 GB
Share Ratio: 11 / 13 = .8462

Those are two very different numbers.)

2008-04-30, 06:49 AM
I had written my own reply to the math.. then the cat sat on the keyboard.. but the short story on it is you were right Lynne... my ratio was actually 1.62. I found that DHT was turned on... so I flipped that off... and I'll see what happens today.

I think the main thing is that my total down is about 2 gigs, and multiplied by 1.6, that's not a lot of uploads vs some old downs I had nine months ago. Big Pumpkins shows or something, I don't recall now. So... I think it's more the torrent size than anything.

Thanks again guys.