View Full Version : Help! I'm behind a firewall and Paul Bettany is trying to kill me!

2008-04-27, 03:39 PM
okay that was cheesy but hey...I'm a Bettany fan what can I say?

So yeah I've got this Firewalled problem.

I'm using a 2wire 2701HG-B router connected through Ethernet.

Using Windows XP SP2

Using UTORRENT v. 1.7.7

Antivirus program (in case that matters) is Symantec Corporate.

Some torrent trackers I can upload to like gangbusters, but this one and a few others I can't. I don't understand it. And I AM firewalled it's not a false positive or anything.

2008-04-27, 04:00 PM
Have you looked over at portforward.com yet? Here are the links you will need:
Configuring a Static IP Address - Win XP (http://www.portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm)
That one is actually linked to in the router guide, but I always feel it it necessary to highlight since some people choose to ignore that step and then wonder why it doesn't work. :/

And for your router and uTorrent:
Port Forwarding for the 2wire 2701HG-B (http://www.portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/2wire/2701HG-B/Utorrent.htm)

You will also have to "allow" the application uTorrent to get through your anti-virus protection. Unfortunately, I don't have that application and can't tell you specifics. Maybe someone else will come along and give instructions for that.

And, I'll add to this with a quote:
Being firewalled does NOT mean you can't upload at your maximum speed. It simply means you may only upload (or download) to/from people who are NOT firewalled. If you are a seeder on a show and there are several leechers that are not firewalled, you will happily upload away to them. However, if all the leechers are firewalled, y'all will just sit there doing nothing. So, just realize that being firewalled simply limits the people you may upload/download with.

2008-04-27, 04:42 PM
went through all that, added the UTOR1 as the hosted thing, on my firewall, and clicked okay.

Still lists me as firewalled in my profile thing though. Not sure if it takes a while to register or what.

2008-04-27, 05:27 PM
okay my utorrent symbol at the bottom of my page is a green check saying that the network is fine.

However in HERE it still has "FIREWALLED" under my ratio stats. How do I change THAT?

2008-04-27, 06:29 PM
nevermind...it's fine now. Thanks Lynne! You're a lifesaver! lol

2008-04-27, 07:04 PM
Glad you got it worked out. This site only does a check to see if you're firewalled when you first start your torrent. So, if you change a setting on your side and need it to register, you need to stop the torrent and then restart it.

inspector clouseau
2008-04-28, 12:38 AM
this seems suspect. perhaps a clue.

Scooby Dumb
2008-04-30, 04:25 PM
Did somebody say Clue?