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2008-04-17, 10:17 AM
Please forgive this neophyte question but what is the legal status of what we do here at the den? RIAA supported or run for the hills lawsuit time? Just feeling a little paranoid this morning. :)

Hell Yeah
2008-04-17, 10:35 AM
Who asks such a question? lol

2008-04-17, 10:53 AM
lol, i guess i worded that rather poorly. Obviously bootlegs aren't on the up and up. The question concerned more of this no profit online trading. I only ask because of this quote I read, ""The Recording Industry Assn. of America, the music industry's lobbying organization that staunchly opposes illegal downloading, piracy and the sale of bootleg recordings, says that it supports this kind of music trading as long as the artists approve." Just wanted to know if there was any validity to this quote and if the trading we do is really that accepted.

2008-04-17, 10:55 AM
Illegal like Jaywalking.

bad topic :down: