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2008-04-15, 08:03 PM
Hi everybody.
Iīm newbie authoring dvd menus and I need some info about it.
I started recently with dvd lab pro but I donīt with this re-encoded the vob files. I transfered a VHS show with my stand alone dvd recorder some time ago and extract the files to my pc. When I used the dvd lab pro to create menu to this I have to join the vob files in one (there is four vob files) cause I donīt know other way to do that using this soft. Joining this files will reencoded the dvd? How can I create the menu using the dvd lab pro with the 4 vob files to be allowed here as a torrent?

Thanks in advance. :)

2008-04-15, 09:39 PM
Use DVD Decrypter to copy the DVD you made to your hard drive. There's an option in the program for file splitting. Choose no file splitting. This will give you one single VOB instead of four. Import that VOB into DVD Lab and create your new DVD however you please. DVD Lab will not re-encode the file. It will only rearrange the structure of files to be a compliant DVD.