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2005-04-03, 01:05 PM

Made by Illustrate, dbPowerAMP and I go back since around 1999. The dbPowerAMP converter has been always free, no charge whatsoever. Anytime a new "codec" (.flac, .ape, mp3, .shn, oog vorbis, .wma etc.) comes along, somoene comes up with it and it is added there, codecs as well are free. It is a small software utility that runs on Windows and MAC, I'm not sure about Linux. I've not been there in a few weeks, it might do video as well.

There is also a media player and a CD Burner, shareware there. There is a discussion forum as well, registration is free and answers are speedy.

I do not know anyone from Illustrate face to face, I don't know why the major corporations, record execs haven't gone "nutty" over this and how it all remains to be free but it is and I really don't know why it is not the most popular everywhere, please make it so.


2005-04-03, 02:24 PM
There is a ton of 'totally free' software out there for all of these functions. Just to name a few:

FLAC Frontend
trader's little helper
binaries for almost evey codec out there
monkey's audio


2005-04-03, 02:36 PM
P.S. We all know about dbpoweramp anyway. This thread is just a shameless plug and should be deleted. :mad:

2005-04-03, 04:25 PM
meh, let it sink

check the links in our signatures for tons of useful stuff.