View Full Version : Prassi One's bug

2008-04-15, 02:27 AM
Ones is acting funny; does not want to reload after it has been used--check task-manager and it shows app is running but won't allow me to "end process'. If I re-start machine business as usual but still can't re-load app. Did try uninstall/re-install and still the same thing. Anybody have a clue as to WTF?

2008-04-15, 09:39 AM
I have the same problem; can't reload it after closing it. If you end it in task manager, it will eventually end, but it may take a few minutes. Did this just start happening recently for you? I can't seem to remember this always being a problem. Maybe a recent Windoze update is the cause?

2008-04-17, 11:57 AM
FWIW. I have never had this problem on multiple installations on totally different systems. Know that doesn't help too much. Must be something specific about your setup.

2008-04-17, 12:01 PM
maybe there's some leftovers causing the trouble. uninstall, then delete any associated folders & files that you can track down in program files & application data. then backup your registry and run ccleaner to get rid of the leftovers in there (proceed at your own risk... I use this prog on my registry all the time with no probs whatsoever fwiw). Then re-install and hopefully it will work better.

2008-04-18, 01:51 AM
working bettr thanks five--i think it was a winders thingy!

2008-04-18, 01:41 PM
:D :thumbsup