View Full Version : 3 small tv clips as one torrent & mostly unknown linage

2008-04-04, 04:56 AM
ha, good one for you:

i got 3 little clips, each is from an dif. source together they are 43 min. or 2.18 GB.

1. (From the Dolby Digital HDTV Broadcast : Divx5, 720x480p, 16/9)

avi file, i haven't seen this Broadcast anywhere in an other format, so it seems to be the best and its outstanding to honest.

2. ABC>recorded>avi>converted to dvd.

(perhaps y are able to read franzoesisch)
Bien que ce soit un Mpeg2, ce n'est pas une résolution très poussée. Nous avons eu le plus grand mal à récupérer cette version,
qui semble être la seule en circulation à l'heure actuelle.

Video: 720 x 480, Mpeg 2
Audio: MPEG-1 Layer 2
8 min, no chapters

3. (good torrent source but deleted info file), chapters, wonderful work, as good as # 1 in terms of recording

16:9 NTSC
Audio AC3
picture 720x480
mpeg 2
frames 29.970

can i do an upload as data torrent?


2008-04-04, 07:04 AM

1st part is lossy sourced and the entire thing is re-encoded.
Lineage is also not acceptable.