View Full Version : Problems with Transfer MC > HDD (-> Skips in the Wav-files)

2008-04-01, 12:43 AM
Hi there!!

I recently had some problems while transferring Tapes to the Harddisk. There are some audible glitches and skips in the WAV-files here and there, which arenŽt on the original tapes. I use a Kenwood-Tapedeck and Audacity, "Line-In"-Modus. What could be the cause for these skips? Any help or suggestion is welcome. Never had these problems with the Fostex I used over the years, but the Kenwood seemed like a huge upgrade, qualitywise. My tapes never sounded that good.

BTW, no other programs were running while transferring, except for Firefox.

2008-04-01, 03:14 AM
what's your soundcard, os, cpu & memory on that comp?

all I can think of is the usual stuff, run an anti-spyware prog like spybot or there's one for free from avg these days (could be some app eating your cpu), run a free prog called ccleaner (google it) & check if there's anything in the autoruns that shouldn't be there, clear as much space as you can & defrag.

then try the transfer, do it right after a fresh restart with the screensaver disabled & pull your connection to the internet right out (ethernet or otherwise). Hopefully this will help!

2008-04-01, 04:15 AM
Thanks, Five. IŽve tried now the transfer with another freeware (after some googling, I found out that there seem to be more than one person having problems with skips in Audacity) to another Drive, all other programs off. As IŽve said, when recording Vinyl > HDD or earlier MC > HDD, I never had those issues. When my recent efforts should not have worked, IŽll try out what you mentioned. However, thanks a lot for the suggestions.