View Full Version : snubbed by seeds

2008-03-29, 12:37 PM
Lately, I have been experiencing a situation where my downloads seem to be slowed by the seeds being snubbed. The uploads are working fine. My u torrent connection is green (not firewalled) and is configured correctly. There seems to be some very occasional piggybacking with some of the peers and seeds. The downloads seemed to be faster when i was firewalled. Is this a case of people being greedy and manipulating the torrent environment, or just a lack of people involved in the torrents that I am downloading?

Thanks for any ideas/suggestions.

ChrisTM out.

2008-03-29, 01:56 PM
It's very hard to guess what is going on. I looked at the seeds you are currently active on and it is just one with 1 seeder and 2 leechers. The one seeder is hardly uploading a thing, but you are uploading a lot to the other leecher. Unless the seeder starts to actually seed, the situation is gonna stay the same.