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2008-03-28, 01:58 PM
While at my local wifi hotspot, I managed to have my system successfully access a port through their router firewall. Is there a way to retain this access? I disabled random port on start from my u torrent settings after gaining this access. Any tips would be appreciated.

ChrisTM out.

2008-03-28, 02:06 PM
You need a static IP to keep port forwarding. No public hotspot is going to configure a static IP, you're going to lease one each time you connect.


2008-03-28, 02:16 PM
youll have to forward every time I think


use the ip adress (suffix?) to forward ie. .101, .102 ect, i think you need to do this every time cuz WiFi is constantly giving out IPs to other users, it might be a bitch to do every time, but i really only take a minute.

another thing that might work is forward ports for all IPs .101-110, im not to sure about how binary works and how IPs are distributed, with this method you might run into port overlapping? you could forward a different port # for each IP .101, .102 etc. remember each corresponding port and change your utorrent port # setting saccordingly instead of logging into your router every time.

this maybe mumbo-jumbo talk, but i hope it helps a bit, more than my advice about DLs

2008-03-28, 02:17 PM
not to mention you cant control the ports on their router/firewall.
just enjoy the free service.

2008-03-28, 02:22 PM
not to mention you cant control the ports on their router.
just enjoy the free service.

unless there is no pass on the router assuming its a coffee shop sorta thing, not a public WiFi zone, they got that shit on lock prob.

on a side note, its amazing how many wireless networks are out there, and whats even more is looking at what people name their networks, sometimes very clever. in any random spot in chicago my iphone recognizes at lease 5-20 hotspots, as much as the edge network sucks, its kinda annoying having networks constantly pop up, all id have to do is turn off WiFi though.