View Full Version : Is this ok to seed?

2005-04-01, 04:19 PM
lineage: aud->?->?gen cassette->wav->sound forge 4.5[noise reduction, normalization]->cd wave [splits]->flac

Can I share that with you guys or not?

2005-04-01, 05:24 PM
What year is this recording? And do you know if this show is out already in lossless form?

2005-04-01, 05:32 PM
a known gen version is preferable. as Lynne says, do a bit of research to see if there's another copy of this out there, contact somebody who has it and determine if yours if from the same source and also (most importantly) if yours is has better sound. If yours is a unique (to the net, anyways) source, then it is also worth sharing.

the lineage is acceptable.

hope this helps.

2005-04-01, 05:45 PM
Uh... This is the only source available - http://www.sonicyouth.com/mustang/cc/061881.html

The audience analog. I got this from the internet a long time ago and still have the flacs on my computer, this is from 1981, the first public performance of Sonic Youth. I just wanted to let all you over on this forum download it from me...

2005-04-01, 06:55 PM

I guess we should have thought to say "check this site to see if the show you want to seed is currently running"

my version has the SBE on the last track corrected and the four biggest & most annoying pops fixed.

you could wait for mine to expire and then seed yours but you'll probably only get 10 hits on it anyways.

have you got any other cool sy stuff? I'm looking for a really nice thousand leaves show, preferable the Toronto date. and/or some more 80's Steve Shelly-era shows.

2005-04-01, 08:07 PM
Oh man! I thought it could be on easy tree still but here too? damn. you have more than I thought.

I have some SY man.. i'm going to put them on my trade list next before I put it up, maybe we can do some trades then or I can seed something in particular? I still don't have that much but I think I have a load you might like (although no thousand leaves stuff).

I was able to see (and meet :)) sy in london recently :) They're fucking awesome.

And that 86 Amsterdam show they're discussing in the thread is fucking great. Evol's probably my favourite sy.

2005-04-01, 08:56 PM
Sister is still my favorite but it's a close call.

I don't have that many shows, really. A few from 90-92, one from 98 and a couple from '86 released by the band as "official bootlegs".

2005-04-02, 06:52 AM
You mean 'walls have ears' - 'hold that tiger' and stuff? They are cool. I know. I could seed the london gig I went to in 2004? it was good. Two discs though. I wouldn't be able to, would I? It needs to be ripped from two cds with EAC.

2005-04-02, 12:13 PM
yeah, I've got 'hold that tiger' and the fanclub one from the first show of the EVOL tour.

These are pseudobootlegs released by the band, is the london gig the same? If the band was selling it then don't seed it, if it is an unauthorized bootleg then yes, please seed it.

you should be able to find the info somewhere on sonicyouth.com