View Full Version : How to seed a show with uTorrent

2008-03-25, 08:44 PM
I'm trying to seed a show for my first time -- Pink Floyd -- 1994-04-14 with uTorrent being my bit torrent client. I can't seem to get past the point of inserting my text file and ffp. Get an error when trying to submit. If you can help me with this, step-by-step, email me at f.w.wagner@<hidden>. Thank you!

2008-03-25, 10:26 PM
Have you read any of the FAQ - it might help you out.

I see you have a show uploaded, so now what you want to do is download the torrent file from the thread and start that torrent file and point it to the folder that contains the flac files. It should then check the files and start seeding.

2008-03-25, 11:53 PM
I noticed you mentioned that you are getting an "invalid torrent" message (in the thread with your recent upload). I am guessing you you found the step by step instructions here (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/faq.php?faq=rules#faq_audioguide). Step #8 is important, because the initial torrent file has to match the announce URL exactly. If you got that wrong you might as well start over from scratch.

But first, you can select the torrent in uTorrent and right click "Remove and... delete .torrent" (be careful, do NOT select Remove and delete .torrent +Data). Open your thread and d/l the torrent file from Traders Den (again). you have to right click and select "set download location" which allows you to browse and point to the complete fileset. Don't forget to Re-check (you have to right click on that torrent one more time and select "force re-check". Usually you will get 100%.)

If this does not work, then your initial upload may be corrupted.