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2008-03-25, 03:09 PM
Hi All,
I am having some issues with DVD's. I used the drag & drop (direct cd)feature in Roxio (EZ CD Creator) usually without any problems. I leave these DVD's open for future copying, when it gets full then I close them. Since 2001 I have used this program & have never really had a problem (except the occasional coaster). The few times I have had a problem, I've used Scan Disc that comes with the program. I was able to see the files & copy them as normal from the bad DVD to my hard drive. This time however, when I use Scan Disc it does find files, but they are all renamed to some generic name & do not have the .FLAC extension anymore (I'm at work & cannot think of the exact extension it was giving me, but will check at home later). It seems like it will copy these renamed files to my hard drive, but even then I don't know what to do with these files... There seems to be a few Recovery programs out there that will check your DVD for free, but you need to pay for the extraction... which is fine & good, but I don't know if it'll work & I will not pay for anything without testing it first. I was looking to see what programs people have used with success... If I can at least get some good feedback on a program I will grab it. Of course I also would like to try any "trial" programs too, but it seems the ones I've come across only relay that the info is potentially there. All help is greatly appreciated!!!

2008-03-25, 03:32 PM
data recovery from a DVD/CD

if the data is corrupt ..it occurred when the disc was written
data doesnt change on this type of media - it can become damaged & unreadable.

if you are seeing "garbage" and/or odd files, I would test the discs on another DVD drive.
either way, you are due for a new burner.

a data recovery program will not help in your situation.
it can either be read or it cant.

2008-03-25, 03:54 PM
For this particular DVD I am seeing nothing. Once I put the DVD in, Windows brings up an empty directory. It does say I have 1.12GB left on it, but it shows 0 files. I know what I have on it, I use Advanced Disk Catalog on my DVD's to keep track of what's on what. When I use IsoBuster it shows me it found the directories of my Zeppelin & even shows me each file in the directory!... but in order to get ANY info off it I must pay.

Like I said though, I have no problem with buying a program... but I cannot buy 2 to 3 programs to try & see if it works, I would like to find a trial software or someone who has had some luck with a certain program.

Someone wrote to me & mentioned CDRoller & on the website it does have a 14day trial, but I don't know if there are any limitations. When I get home I will try this software & hopefully I will be all set, but in the meantime I would still like to see what other people have used with success or not.

2008-03-25, 05:00 PM
Maybe I explained it wrong from the start. When I first put in the DVD a couple of weeks ago & burned 2 folders of Zeppelin it stopped halfway & said "some files could not be copied... data may be damaged or corrupt". This has happended before & I would run Scan Disc to recover the whole DVD & throw bad one away. For some reason this data/dvd became corrupt, when it does it ruins the sessions on my DVD & I can't see anything new or previously burned. I might be using the wrong terminology, if that is the case what is happening when I get that error & what is Scan Disc doing to recover my files? Nucleus & IsoBuster ran a check on this DVD & found the folder & all it's files, but because it's trial only checks & doesn't recover, i don't know if it works. So basically I get the error about the data being damaged or corrupt & I used Scan Disc in the past with success until this DVD. I thought I was using the right terminology, but maybe I'm muxing corrupt DVD & corrupt Data together & I shouldn't be?

2008-03-25, 05:27 PM
ok. I believe you are describing a Rewritable DVD.
they do in fact have a UDF file structure
IF this is a rewritable disk the file structure would be subject to change.

Scan Disk is a tool to check for issues with a File Allocation Table (FAT)
I dont believe it works with UDF..Ive never had to look that up.

the UDF may be possible to recover/correct.
if ISOBuster cant read/repair it.. you are SOL.

UDF Reader as well as professional CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD data recovery tool !

IsoBuster is, among many other things, a perfect UDF reader. Because it is a stand-alone tool, without any drivers installed, it is a very stable way to read and copy data from the UDF file-system to your HD (or any other location). And because of the highly integrated recovery procedures it is able to cope with many physical and logical problems that prevent other UDF readers to get to your data. It's a powerful tool and only one click away from opening your UDF discs.

Imagine you insert a CD in your drive and you know you copied data to the CD via a UDF drag and drop application, but now suddenly the CD appears blank. Simply start IsoBuster and it will show you all the files and will allow you to copy (extract) these files to any other location on your PC or network.

Also, suppose some very critical pointers were destroyed by your drive or write application so that the data is "virtually" gone, then IsoBuster features the option to " Find lost UDF files and folders ". During this scan IsoBuster picks up all the files, folders and file-system remains and puzzles them all together best as possible. The track record speaks for itself.

IsoBuster recovers from, so called packet written, or drag and drop created, discs created with: Roxio Direct CD, Roxio Drag-to-Disc, Ahead / Nero InCD, Prassi / Veritas / Sonic DLA, VOB / Pinnacle Instant-Write, CeQuadrat Packet CD, NTI FileCD, BHA B's CLiP, Sony abCD, Sony Mavica, and many more ...

Last, IsoBuster is also a Mount Rainier (MRW) and (Method 2 / Method 3) remapper that automatically detects and remaps the data in the background if the CD or DVD formatting is not supported by your CD or DVD reader.
hey i learned something too :clap: thanks

2008-03-25, 05:45 PM
He's not describing a rewritable. I don't know how to explain this with the correct terms but I will give it a shot. You can take a standard dvd or cd and "some" burning software will allow you to burn a disc that you can read in various players. But you can leave the session open where you can add more info. to the end at a later date. I assume it adds info. to the FAT or however it indexes files at the same time. The key is it has to be the same software to add to it. The difference in this and a rewritable is you can't rewrite over previously burnt info. I was always scared of incompatibility and don't use this feature frequently.

2008-03-25, 06:29 PM
Someone wrote to me & mentioned CDRoller & on the website it does have a 14day trial, but I don't know if there are any limitations. When I get home I will try this software & hopefully I will be all set, but in the meantime I would still like to see what other people have used with success or not.

I've used CDRoller and it works. It recovered 99% of a file that was corrupt. Luckily, the file was only the menu.

I couldn't copy this DVD, but managed to extract it with Roller, deleted the menu and reauthored it.

In fact, I used this program at least four times, one was a data DVD.

It takes 2-3 hours to extract a DVD.

2008-03-26, 03:25 AM
Hi All,
I am having some issues with DVD's. I used the drag & drop (direct cd)feature in Roxio (EZ CD Creator) usually without any problems. I leave these DVD's open for future copying, when it gets full then I close them. Since 2001 I have used this program & have never really had a problem (except the occasional coaster). Howardec

The place you should ask that question is a Roxio / Support / Forum (I don't use Roxio so don't the exact link)

Are you using - R or + R disc ?

the extracted files you should be able to rename the extension to xxxxx.flac (you may have to turn on the ability to see file extensions to be able to do it)
My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View/(untick) Hide Extensions for known file types

Try it with one file as a test and see if your player (Winamp) can play it

Your method of multi-session is .... old fashioned .... and really only good for CD's *** NOTE *** ( - R DVD discs cannot do multi-session) most people create a folder and drag the files there and when it's 3 or 4 gig burn a disc ........ not what you do ......... <hint> ....... stop doing it that way :nono:

The person who wrote DVD-Decrypter has a free program ImgBurn which can burn all types or discs and there are " Tutorials " in the support forum to show you step by step (I use it all the time to compile a disc from different folders and then burn) but never in multi-session


For data recovery IsoBuster is excellent


2008-03-26, 12:57 PM
Why not make it easy and wait until you have enough to fill a complete DVD and then burn and close the disc?

2008-03-27, 09:39 AM
You are almost on the nose with my scenario! I do indeed do exactly like you do, the difference is when I eject the DVD I "leave it as is"... which I took it to mean that I wasn't doing a multi session burn, I thought I was doing multiple copies to the DVD, then when it got to near full I would close the DVD to be read on any player. In reading about the recovery programs, I am finding this not to be entirely true. From what I understand,, each time you use the drag & drop method, even if you don't close the DVD, it creates a snapshot of your current DVD status, this is called a VAT file. So even though I wasn't closing the DVD, then re-opening it (which the difference is you would lose about 20MB of space each time you opened & closed) the program was still considering it to be a multi session disc. All in all, it seems that the DVD "lost" the latest VAT file & because it didn't have one the disc came up as empty. Using the recovery programs will enable you to look at all the VAT files on the DVD, not just the latest one which is what a DVD burner would do (using the same software of course).

The reason I asked the question here was not to analyze & dissect the problem that had occurred, It was to see what programs people were using to recover CD's/DVD's that had become unreadable using ANY program, not just Roxio. I used Roxio as my example since it is what I was using. I don't have the time to find out why this has happened, I mean if it was a recurring problem then by all means would I get a hold of support & figure this out, but it was only one DVD out of 300-400 that I have currently & in the past. This has happened before, but the program I use comes with a Recovery program, this time it didn't work. I was just curious what other people have used in similar cases.

This one is all on me... the reason why I don't just wait until I have 4 gig then burn all at once. Everyone has their way of doing things. I start with this because I know how anal this sounds... I really do... BUT I seem to have to have the need for an impossible catalog organization. Here is what I mean... I have lots of Zeppelin boots (Many other bands as well, Only using Zep as an example) so I have one DVD for boots in 69, as well as 70 & so on. For some reason I can't place a 1972 boot along with a 1969 show. If I have a DVD with 1969 boots on it & it is full, then I get a show for 1969.05.19 (the Boston show of course) the normal thing to do would be to make a new DVD & add it... but noooo. I need to take my 1969 DVD & break it up into 2 dvd's... so that I can include the new 05.19 show so that they appear in order so I need 01.10, 04.24, 04.26 then the new one 05.19 on a separate DVD I have the later date shows. If you want to call it an OCD thing, by all means I'm ok with that! hahaha... but seriously, that is why I don't wait to get 4 gig, then burn. Because of this though, I have way to much on my computer & tons of dvd's that have plenty of space. I am realizing lately that it might be better to throw a mis mosh of dates on one dvd, then close it (all in one method) rather than have multiple dvd's with free space that are opened. The obvious problem with leaving these open is you need the exact same software to read these dvd's while they are open. Anyways, I was already writing way too much... I don't need to burn out you guys' wheely on your mouse with useless dribble that can be posted on another thread!

In summary... I've tried about 4 Recovery programs & they all detect the missing files. Of course these 4 programs will only let you recover these files if you buy the program. I'm not cheap, but these programs go for $30-$50, if I could just use the program & recover even just 10 files as a trial & it work, I would purchase it. None of these offer this. I have 4 kids with one working income, I am in no state to be sending $100 in programs that may not work. I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm just stating this fact cause I know some out there would spend money on what they need, but I just can't... all though, mac & cheese for a week never hurt anyone! I will post a summary of what program worked for me, I intend on rolling the dice with one, I just need to do some research now on the few I've been told about. Thanks to all for listening on this one. :wave: