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2008-03-24, 10:20 PM

This is my first torrent, and I thought I was good to go. I've been told to create a text file to go with it also. Is that normally just done in notepad or whatever and then dragged into the folder? Also, flac fingerprints in Trader's Little Helper, is that the ffp option under create checksum? Once I get these things done, do I need to kill my old one and re-upload?

Tell me if this order is correct to do things in:
-track in CD Wave Editor
-convert to flac and create checksum & torrent folder in TLH
-make text file in wordpad or something and drag it to the torrent folder
-upload on here

Also, is it possible in TLH to create multiple torrent files for posting on different sites at the same time by selecting multiple ones from the drop-down?

I'm just sort of wingin' it here. :lol:

2008-03-24, 11:13 PM
Hey Billy,

Yes, you can just create a text file using notepad and just drag it into the same folder as your flac files. And yes, the flac fingerprints have an extension of .ffp and you would just put those in the folder also. You may leave that torrent as is, I was simply saying that in future torrents, you should put all that information in with the flac folder.

Your list of steps looks fine. The only thing you shouldn't do is create a single torrent file to upload to all the different sites. You should create one torrent file for each site. The torrent file will be made from the same folder, you when you start the torrent, you will point it to the same folder. However, if you are using uTorrent, do not say OK to the option to combine the torrents. Name each torrent something like "langhorneslimttd.torrent" and "anghorneslimdime.torrent" or whatever so you can tell which is for which site easily.

2008-03-24, 11:19 PM
cool. Thanks for the help, I'm gettin' there...:hmm: