View Full Version : Problem Burning With WinAmp

2008-03-24, 09:13 PM
I am burning a show with winamp and the fastest I can go without bumping up to winamp pro is 2X. The show was originally in SHN formant but with the plugin its now a wav or mp3 file whichever you want to call it. Anyway its been stuck on track 1 for over 30 minutes saying its prepared 100% but its not advancing to the next track. Do I have a problem or does 2X usually take this long. I always used to use Windows Media Player 10 will the same plugin for SHN files work with WMP too. This is really frustrating.:mad:

2008-03-24, 09:23 PM
Well...get a real burning program would be my suggestion. Nero is probably the widest used.

2008-03-24, 09:24 PM
Try burning it with something else. Roxio, Nero, Ones are all recommended and have better track records than Winamp or WMP. Roxio or Nero should come bundled with pretty much most burners these days. Ones is an after market program that is highly recommended by some staff here. Give it a day and you will have a dozen or more responses beyond mine. Good luck.

Edit: and the Dorrcoq speaks while I type. :lol4: