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2008-03-22, 02:19 PM
Hi, I'm on a Windows XP home, using a Seimens SpeedStream 6520, using Bit Tornado, as far as anti-viris stuff I use Online Armor for a firewall, Spyware Terminator, AntiVir, Spybot, the usual....
I have followed the guide to a 'T' from the port forwarding site, including getting a static IP, site seen here....

The Bell Canada version is slightly different, but not much, the important stuff is the same....
When doing all the steps I was on the phone with Bell as well (my ISP provider) and at the end I get the following error seen below.....

I set the protocall to TCB just like the page says, my ISP couldnt figure out why it doesnt work as well....
I have tried this with my firewall off too....
Any suggestions? I have been trying to figure out this port thing for a day and a half and Im ready to snap, lol....:hmm:

2008-03-22, 02:45 PM
you set a static IP on your workstation - good.
you opened 10000 - 10010 on the router (i know some progs that use that port)
(consider to 50000-50010 - imo)

if Armor Online has disabled your windows firewall - trust the torrent prog and/or open the ports within Armor Online.

test it here: http://www.canyouseeme.org/

2008-03-22, 03:09 PM
Hmmm, tried that link and got this-

Error: I could not see your service on on port (10000)
Reason: Connection refused

trouble is, isnt EVEN CLOSE to my IP address.....

2008-03-22, 03:15 PM
thats your 'outside address' (true address on the internet)

turn off your firewall software and test again.
get it out of the equation - that way you're only working with the router/workstation config.

once that tests out ok - then enable the Armor online & work that out.

should be good then.

2008-03-22, 03:53 PM
Completly removed Online Armor, problem is still there, still FIREWALLED, I will try adjusting to 50000-50010 like you suggested....
I just added it along with the 10000 already there, still get the error message I linked in my first post....

2008-03-22, 04:07 PM
I also tried using this guide for the Windows XP firewall, did what it said and it hasnt helped....

2008-03-22, 04:41 PM
well then its your router.. focus there.

*any port from internet* > 50000-50010 > *your internal static IP address*

first time is the hardest time.

2008-03-22, 05:01 PM
Well, I'm sure not getting any help from my ISP, the last one I talked to barely spoke english, and I got a speech about how they arent trained to tackle port problems, I'm gonna try calling again in a bit and hope I can find someone who knows what they are doing.....

Great, got another lecture how they dont support 'port' problems, I dont know what else I can do, except pull my hair out in frustration....

2008-03-22, 05:32 PM
same trouble here bro. if you figure it out before I do let me know OK? Please.

2008-03-22, 05:46 PM
same trouble here bro. if you figure it out before I do let me know OK? Please.

You have the exact same problem? Did you go through all the same steps as myself?

2008-03-23, 12:02 PM
I'm trying something new and I'm downloading a file with UTorrent, I did a port test and it seems OK, after this is finished, will the window stay open and will I seed?
This program doesnt have the black/red/green light thing that bit tornado had, also will clicking on a link I already have downloaded from automatically just seed when it see's the file has already been downloaded?
The file I'm downloading now I already have but it didnt seem to notice that....

2008-03-23, 12:13 PM
bit tornado is weak. stay with utorrent.

2008-03-23, 01:16 PM
Alright, I seem to have found a way around this problem, while browsing through torrent threads around the net I read that 'UTorrent' uses different ports, and that you dont have to release them, after getting rid of Bit Tornado and installing UTorrent I am now able to upload again without port problems....(Whew!)
Thanx for trying to help direwolf....