View Full Version : SHN to MP3

2008-03-21, 05:56 PM
Ok I just downloaded a rush show in SHN format. I have WinAmp installed on my computer and it doesn't play. Then I noticed there was a zip file that will eithier allow it to play or convert it to mp3 or wav. How do I install the zip file to allow it to play. Can someone walk me through it im having some trouble as you can tell.

2008-03-21, 06:55 PM
Download the shn plugin for Winamp 5 from here (http://etree.org/cgi-bin/counter.cgi/software/in_shn.zip) (48 kB). It's a zipped DLL - maybe it's the same zip file you're talking about. Unzip this into your Winamp plugin directory. That's all. Now Winamp is able to handle shn files.

2008-03-22, 12:49 AM
Thats what I downloaded, but where is the plugin directory and how do I unzip it?

2008-03-22, 01:29 AM
by default its C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins
you can unzip using 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org/) or similar