View Full Version : Im 100% new and need help

2005-03-30, 01:44 PM
Ok so i just got a nice Light-On Dual Layer DVD writer, and i want to put some RM and RMVB videos I have onto a DVD to play in my standalone player

A friend told me i need to convert the Media to either a AVI or 1 of the MPEG extensions, so i got EO converter and did that. (I went AVI)

Now he's telling me to use a program called VSO Divx/Xvid to DVD to convert the media to a DVD recognizable format.

Then he tells me to reauthor them using a program called DVDshrink

Then he says i can rip them to a DVDR using Nero.

I wasn't sure if all that was right so i stopped after converting them to avi. Can anyone verfiy if all the other parts are correct.

Im actually pretty savvy with computers, but i have never had a DVD before, so if i need to change some stuff, i should be able to.


2005-03-30, 02:20 PM
I would go to videohelp.com and take a look around there. They have several tutorials there that you can look at to help you do this.

2005-03-30, 03:10 PM
I've found some nice guides at www.dvd-guides.com. They seem to have write-ups on most aspects of working with video files and programs.

2005-03-31, 07:25 AM
RM > AVI XVid > MPEG-2 > DVD? Ugh...The quality is going to be nearly unwatchable on your TV.

RM is bad enough as it is, but to convert it to AVI as an intermediate step is going to make it horrible. Check on the afermentioned videohelp.com and see if there is any RM > DVD Compliant MPEG-2 one-step program available. I am sure there is a way, but I doubt it would be free software. And once you see how bad it's going look when you're done, I don't think you're going to want to have paid for a software package to do it.

My advice is to keep the RM file as a RM file as that's the best the thing is going to look. Just watch it on your computer....