View Full Version : Comcast/Belkin/MacAirport/MTU Settings help please

2008-02-29, 04:38 PM
I had to switch to Comcast. I haven't even begun to tackle port forwarding. I am first trying to figure out the networking properly. Comcast gave me a modem. I have one hard wired PC and two Mac's on airport wireless. I bought a Belkin Wireless g router, F5D7230-4 V7001. I got signal to all of the computers. Today I wanted to see what the concast speeds were going to be like. On my main internet computer, Mac TiBook g4 (x.3.9) I went to archive.org and used the firefox plug in downthemall to start a download. It started up fine but then stopped completely after a moment or so. I noticed I had been kicked off the network. I had to restart the router to get the Belkin signal back to the wireless computers. I tried the same thing on the newer Mac with a newer airport and it happened again. So I called India and we changed some configs in the Belkin page. It was de selecting TCP from the firewall settings or something. I thought we were good and hung up. Of course it happened again. Called back. We updated the firmware of the router. We repeated the de selection procedure. This time with the new firmware it kicked me off but Belkin still showed up in the network options on the airport selections. I couldn't browse anymore though. The guy told me I have to decrease my MTU settings and they couldn't help me with that. I don't know anything about that. Apple Tech support is not free as far as I know. Does anyone know anything about this problem? About MTU settings? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks for all input.