View Full Version : Anything to be done about school firewalls?

2005-03-28, 04:43 PM
Im sure this topic has been covered a million times, but i cannot sit idly by as my download speeds are reduced to an average of 1.5kb/s. Im running OSX with azureus, and i talked to an IT guy at the school and he said that they monitor especially the ports being used for filesharing to put a damper on everyones fun, so my question is can i simply set azureus to use different ports, where perhaps the university isnt looking for this kind of thing? or is it simply a lost cause? if anyone can offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

2005-03-28, 04:50 PM
yeah i was wondering about this, some guy posted the following at kerrazy about http tunneling:

it uses an Proxy installed on your LOCAL machine to Forward any other traffic so that it SEEMS like Authentic HTTP Traffic with the headers and All you can download a tool that does just that here (http://www.http-tunnel.com/HT_Register.asp?download=httptunnel_setup.exe)
and you can visit their Website (http://www.http-tunnel.com/) for Documentations and Manuals, From Personal Experience , not ALL BT clients give the same Speeds , For Example BitComet speed is very slow using this technique , on the Other hand Torrentstorm,Bitspirit And Azereus function normally

but apparently now the free version is limited to 15kbps, but that is still better

2005-03-28, 05:15 PM
And hopefully there won't be consequences when your school IT admin discovers your bandwidth usage. I'd think that .edu's are getting pretty strict about this stuff, since it's gotten so popular. Guess YMMMV depending on the policies of your school. Good luck !

2005-03-29, 08:05 AM
From what I've heard, changing Azureus' port forwarding to something not blocked by the school sometimes works. I've never had a chance to really play with this kind of thing myself, but it's worth a try. Just make sure it's not against some official policy somewhere before you try it!