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2008-02-25, 09:05 PM
I have a show I want to torrent, but it has very small "blips" at the track transitions. I thought "SBE's", but TLH, says there were none. I'm sure it isn't MP3, as I know the lineage. Anyway, what to do? It is a really great show, and I want to put it up.

2008-02-25, 09:18 PM
it likely was burned to CDR with the Track-At-Once method
It had SBEs when it was first burned to CDR and has since been re-ripped... if someone ran it through some kind of "fix-SBEs" tool, it'll fix the SBEs correctly - but it may exaggerate the audible pop cause by the tracks having incomplete sector data at the ends (initially).

What's the lineage?

2008-02-25, 10:00 PM
It was made from a 1st gen cassette thta I owned at the time. I kept it that way till around 2000 or so. I had a buddy who has since passed do the transfer, so I don't know how it was ripped. But the lineage is: 1st gen tape> ??> cdr. Funny thing is that I don't remember it having these issues before. I listen with headphones these days, so maybe I didn't hear them before. Also, it doesn't happen at every track just some of them, and you really have to be listening to hear it.