View Full Version : I think it's working now, BUT

2008-02-25, 03:35 PM
I'm trying to upload this John Prine.

I had bad problems with it and you pulled it.

OK so now I think I have everything set on my end but I can't access the announce page to let folks know to try again.

Can ya help with this.

Should I start a whole new one.

ahh I'm so confused............

2008-02-25, 05:18 PM
You need to upload the show again like you did before. Once a show is pulled, it gets put into the Pulled forum and noone can post in the thread anymore. If you are worried that people can't 'find' the new one and that is why you want to post in the old one, you can hit the Report this Post button on the old one and ask us to post a link in the thread to the new one.