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2005-03-26, 08:55 AM
hi i was wondering if there were any good free programs for extracting the audio from dvds, any help would be MUCH appreciated thanks. :)

2005-03-26, 02:59 PM
Let me preface this by saying that I hope this is for your own personal use, cause using a DVD as a source won't fly here (for a few reasons besides illegality).

Depends what kind of DVD you're trying to rip. If it's a DVD-A disc, the copy protection for that format has not been cracked, and there is no way to extract anything from the AUDIO_TS folder. Some DVD-A discs have a VIDEO_TS folder readable by any DVD player (and rippable in the same way as a video DVD), but the audio in that one is usually just Dolby Digital, and therefore not nearly as good.

If you want to extract the soundtrack from a DVD-Video disc, you can use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD, use DGMPGDec to demux the LPCM or AC3 (Dolby Digital) audio tracks, and then use BeSweet to decode/downmix/resample the desired track. You can also use BeSweet to transcode (ugh, yeah, but what can you do?) to WAV, MP3 (using the LAME encoder), Ogg Vorbis, or AAC.

You can find all this software (and excellent usage guides) at Doom9.net (http://www.doom9.org/). Best place on the net for technical DVD-related info.

2005-03-27, 06:33 AM
ImToo DVD Audio Ripper


DVD Audio Ripper makes each chapter of the DVD into a WAV file. XMPEG extracts the entire audio portion as 1 big WAV file. You would then have to use a program such as GoldWave to split the file into tracks.

As was mentioned, you cannot use a commercially released DVD as the source for something you seed here (or EZTree). But if you just want to rip the audio out of a DVD to make a CD to listen to in your car (or something like that) that's fine. And it's easy to do. I have done that with all of my concert DVDs.


2005-04-01, 02:12 PM
Would this same method be used to extract audio from the video portion of an enhanced cd? Or is there another way, if it can be done at all?

2005-04-01, 02:14 PM
I use DVD Audio Extractor. I find it to be a pretty good program.

2008-04-18, 02:02 AM
For Mac users, iSkysoft DVD Audio Ripper for Mac is a good choice.
It can rip DVD audio to MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC, AC3, etc for different MP3 players and audio players.