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2005-03-25, 09:17 AM
A while ago, I recorded a group on my minidisc player, and now that I've got in on my computer in Sony's .oma format, I'd like to get it into wav so I can touch it up with Audition, and then convert to FLAC. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I can convert it from oma into something a little more widely used; the only application that recognizes oma files is Sony's "Sonicstage" media player.
How can I accomplish this?
Thanks for your time.

2005-03-26, 07:35 AM
there's some instructions and a link here:

If all else fails, use sonicstage to copy the files on to an audio cdr, then rip that with EAC. You could also try recording "what you hear" while the files are playing. I found a lots more info here:

2005-03-26, 07:36 AM
fyi, this is a lossy codec.