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2005-03-23, 08:25 PM
All of a sudden EAC disapeared from my computer, I reinstall it but now it won't reconize my cd-rom drive. my I tunes still reconizes a cd in the drive.
When I try to cofigure EAC it says there is no disc in drive.....HELP!!!!

2005-03-23, 09:14 PM
question: which version of EAC did you have and are trying to reinstall?

i'm still using 0.9 pb 11, and i know it's an older version, but it's rock solid. maybe this version would work.

also, which OS are you using?

2005-03-23, 09:34 PM
I run windows XP. I can't understand how the program would disapear from the hard drive and why won't the new EAC read the disc when all the other prgams do?

2005-03-23, 11:01 PM
it's very curious indeed.

i know you said EAC disappeared, but before you reinstalled it, you did make sure all the registry entries of EAC were removed, right?

if not, i'd suggest getting RegCleaner - it's FREE - or a similar program, and making sure all EAC registry entries are gone. then, reboot and try to reinstall again... with either or both a newer EAC version and the old 0.9 pb 11.

a dumb question, but... when you double-click on My Computer, you can see your CD drive listed, correct?

2005-03-24, 08:50 AM
I used RegCleaner and reinstalled EAC, still no go. When I click on my computer the icon for drive F is a picture of a disc, not a cd player with a disk poping out and is named MMC/SD, I think this may be the problem. The other program (Itunes, windows media player) reconize the cd in the player and will play it.
Thanks for helping h_vargas

2005-03-24, 09:18 AM
It works,it works!!!!!!! I swiitched the compatability mode to windows 95 and presto!!
Thank you again h_vargas for your help :)

2005-03-24, 05:16 PM
The problem is (sometime) caused by ASPI driver. Check: EAC options -> Interface. If you have "Native Win32" it may not work correctly. Better use Adaptec or Nero driver.

2005-03-24, 08:08 PM
or, install an ASPI layer. as dumb as it sounds, i do this almost every time when installing WinXP on a machine. i know many/most burning programs will work fine without the ASPI layer, but i install it anyway... on the one or two occasions where i didn't install an ASPI layer, i got a dreaded problem of the CD/DVD drive "disappearing" completely and had to get a reg fix. (i'm not saying the disappearing drive is due to not having an ASPI layer, but it is odd how this only happened to me on the one or two times when i didn't spend the extra 45 seconds to install an ASPI layer.) not the end of the world, but a pain.

glad you got it sorted out, Tahoetoeknee. wish i could have been more help. but the important thing is you ironed out the issue. good job.