View Full Version : Magazine Acetates Allowable?

2005-03-22, 11:03 PM
OK, Here is a question ...
I have a Magazine - Townhouse Studio acetate of what I think ended up as their compilation "After the Fact".
I have no idea as to what if any differences there are to the finished Virgin (UK) / IRS (US) product.

Would a transcript of these 2 single sided acetates be allowable in this domain?

So before I spend the time and energy is expended in doing the transfers, your thoughtful comments are always appreciated.


2005-03-23, 02:33 AM
Make sure the transfer is the #1 thing you should do. The acetate is of historical value. After you've made the transfer and spend some time with comparing it to the version that ended up being on "After the Fact". If the mixes are no different then it's not useful to share them. if you can find differences in the mix and/or content (overdubs, etc) then this could be a great seed.