View Full Version : help with bittorrent: router, firewalls, etc

2005-03-16, 10:49 PM
hey guys,
having some problems with my bittorrent program - i use bit tornado, and i have my computer hooked up to a router - for some reason, my settings will not allow me to upload at a significant rate when compared to my downloading rate, which leaves me with a very low share ratio - unfortunately, i have no idea how change any of the settings to fix this problem - can anyone help me out or point me in the direction of someone who can? ive tried a few sites but the technical jargon is too much for me, so any "simplified" help would be much appreciated

2005-03-16, 10:56 PM
Brian, very often your ISP doesn't let you upload at the same rate as you can download. I can upload at 50 KB/s but can download at a bit over 300 KB/s (I'm talking BT talk. If you are talking ISP talk, times those numbers by 8). I'm on DSL, btw. You can look up what you signed up for with your ISP and you can also do a speed test to see what rates you are getting.