View Full Version : best way to fit 4656gigs on dvd? author ??

2005-03-16, 09:48 AM
just finished a project and went ahead and did lcpm audio cause i thought i had plenty of room. well it turns out i'm at 4656 gigs.........JUST over the limit.

i still want to keep the lcpm audio soooooo what's the best way to get it to fit. MIND YOU i also want to seed it and share it, so i need to know the best way without much picture quality loss. i thought i'd be able to fit it on a 4.7gig dvd but they limit you to 4438 right? so is there a way to get into nero and change the settings to do overburn like on cdr's?

thanks for any help.

2005-03-16, 12:41 PM
No, you can't overburn. I never liked the idea of overburning, even on CDRs, as it is somewhat unstable and relies on anyone you trade with to also have that capability.

There are two things I think would help you get your disc under the limit, and both require a re-encoding from the original source:

1. Trim a minute or so off of the disc...if there is some useless stuff at the beginning or end. If the entire thing is good video, this is not an option.

2. Starting from the uncompressed video, change the video bitrate down a few notches until the result will be small enough to fit.

Also, you could go with DVD-9 and max video bitrate or spread the video out over two discs. I think that's the best option as it maximizes the quality of both the audio and the video.

2005-03-16, 12:44 PM
thanks rd.........i'm actually rendering it now with a lower video bitrate. i'll see how it looks. the audio is so crisp i really wanted to keep it as is so we'll see how it turns out. appreciate the heads up.

2005-03-16, 01:59 PM
Could one just use DVDShrink?
Wouldn't that re-adjust the video bit rate just enough to fit perfectly on one disc?

2005-03-16, 02:02 PM
yep.......that's actually what i ended up doing. just previewed it and it turned out nice. when all was said and done dvdshrink was the best way to do it. lowered it just enough to fit. thanks for everyones advice. the show was phish 7-21-93 and i'll post it soon.

2005-03-16, 02:10 PM
My objection to DVD-Shrink would be that you've already encoded to MPEG-2 once, and the you're re-encoding again to a different bitrate. There is bound to be more quality degradation here than if you simply encoded from the original source directly to the proper bitrate.

It's quite probable that this difference is impreceptible, but I feel that it needs to be stressed that multiple compressions with lossy codecs (which MPEG is) is a bad practice, and is best avoided. A video compressed by this lineage:
Uncompressed video > MPEG-2 encoder > MPEG-2 (@<hidden> 5Mbps)

Is going to be better than one with this lineage:
Uncompressed video > MPEG-2 encoder > MPEG-2 (@<hidden> 6Mbps) > DVD-Shrink > MPEG-2 (@<hidden> 5Mbps)

Just something to consider.....

2005-03-17, 12:46 AM
excellent point, RainDawg. i got into an argument on another message board the other day over this... someone wanted to seed a show that had the following source:

betacam masters > DV master > DVD (8 MB/s video, AC3 audio at 256 kbps) + (mixed with) 2nd gen VHS video (8 MB/s video, MPA audio at 192 kbps) and using the MPA audio. i vehemently cautioned against this pratice, especially since the "source material" used for the mix was the 2 DVD versions (which means re-encoding to MPEG-2 video, again)... but the person didn't listen, and most people jumped on me for being anal about the quality.

whatever. i'd rather have 2 separate recordings that one done improperly.