View Full Version : I can't download! can someone help?

2007-11-10, 10:27 AM
hello. i've been looking through a number of help guides and FAQ's but none of them seem to help me with the problem. i got a new internet provider and a new modem, and have since been unable to download torrent files. i tried the firewall setting but nothing. it is a Motorola SB5101.

any help is appreciated!!

2007-11-10, 10:30 AM
Can you download the torrent file? Or are you talking about not being able to download/upload using bittorrent?

And, have you looked at the Guides section of portforward.com to figure out how to forward your ports through your modem?

2007-11-10, 02:46 PM
i can download the actual file but when i try to download it in azureus or another program it doesnt download. i tried to look on that site but i dont think its possible to forward the ports on my modem.

2007-11-10, 03:30 PM
Well, you currently are not connected to any torrents here so I can't look and see what could be wrong. Are there seeders on the shows you are trying to connect to? Exactly what is the error message you get under Tracker Status in Azureus? And how about a link to the torrent you are trying to connect to? (Also, you do have some stats, so you must have connected at some point.)

According to this link (http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/480720.html), your modem is fine, but it does mention that you still have to forward through your windows firewall if you have it on.

2007-11-10, 06:06 PM
yes i was able to download before i switched providers. but under the tracker status it says share ratio violation, please raise your ratio to 0.25 first. but i dont know how i can do this when i cant seed anything because i cannot connect. i've also tried turning off my firewalls but nothing.

2007-11-10, 06:28 PM
If that is the message you are getting, then it isn't from this tracker since we don't give share ratio violations.

2007-11-10, 07:33 PM
switch to UTorrent.

2007-11-10, 08:04 PM
hey i just realized that i can download from this site. i just switched providers and i didnt try TTD yet but i just did and it works great!! thanks for the help im going to start seeding again!!