View Full Version : Tradersden comes up as a restricted site from my work?

2005-03-15, 06:10 PM
Access to this web page is restricted at this time.

The Websense category "MP3 and Audio Download Services" is filtered.



All other bt sites like ezt, presence work ok. Any idea?

2005-03-15, 06:15 PM
i think SIBLY has that exact same message come up at his work, it's to keep you from wasting time while on a company computer i guess, and they haven't caught on to the other sites.

2005-03-15, 06:21 PM
i get on here at school, as well as EZT, quite often. as of now it's not blocked, but many of the big BT sites are, but i think that's because they offer illegal music. i'm sure this will be blocked, but there's always ways around this stuff. i just found a new proxy for my school firewall today. also, if you use mozilla, there's a plugin called vBrowseIt that should allow you to get around the block.

2005-03-16, 08:25 AM
Yeah, I was just going to suggest Firefox with VBrowseIt. In fact, you don't need the plugin (though it is extremely useful) because you can just browse using the main page as the interface:


2005-03-16, 04:54 PM
that page is now blocked at my school :mad: . there's tons out there though. it shouldn't take very long to find one. http://www.sneakysurf.com works well.

2005-03-18, 06:04 PM
Yeah - I get this at work. My work websweeper is outsourced - they have a blacklist and block sites for specific reasons. This one is blocked becuase of the p2p element.

2005-03-18, 06:17 PM
i don't think it's blocked for p2p reason. i think it's scanning for specific key words like mp3 etc, because it works on some pages, some pages get's blocked. i'm writing this from my work pc where it was getting blocked before.

2005-03-18, 08:19 PM
Have a look at www.websense.com. They run blacklists of sites based on certain categories.