View Full Version : DL/UL Cutting Out

2007-11-03, 01:19 PM
I have a torrent I'm downloading and uploading. I us uTorrent client. All indicators are green. However, I am noticing that the DL & UL speed/rate columns frequently go blank for long periods. What does this mean when this happens? Thnx.

2007-11-03, 01:25 PM
It simply means that there is no transfer. If you are with an ISP that does traffic shaping, then it could mean that they are limiting your bittorrent traffic. If you think that is the case, you may want to turn encryption on in utorrent.

2007-11-03, 01:35 PM
It simply means that there is no transfer.
Well, that is obvious.

I'm dl/ul a second torrent at the same time and it is not having any interruptions at all. Weird, huh?

2007-11-03, 02:37 PM
Not really you are on one torrent with 6 other people not firewalled and another with 3 not firewalled is it the 7-4-70 show that cuts out?

2007-11-03, 03:43 PM
... is it the 7-4-70 show that cuts out?

Yes. However, it has stopped cutting out just recently. I figure it may be seeders/leechers coming & going, stopping & re-starting, who knows ...

Then again, as Lynne mentioned it may be other people's ISP traffic shaping. I suppose there are way too many factors to consider for a definitive cause and I may have not worded the question accurately (I'm still new & still learning this torrent stuff), so I'll shut-up now. Thnx Lynne & diggrd.