View Full Version : Fingerprints or Checksums question

2005-03-13, 03:27 PM
I would like to seed a show, but it is asking for Fingerprints or Checksums. How do I get Fingerprints or Checksums of a show that is .shn?

2005-03-13, 03:30 PM
Did you generate the md5 with the shns? Then simply open up the md5 in a text writing program and copy/paste them in the form.

2005-03-13, 03:32 PM
You should have an md5 file with your show. If you're on a PC you can right click it and choose "edit" then just copy and paste the info you see there. If you are on a Mac open it with Text Editor and do the same.

If you ever seed a flac show, either there will be an .ffp file or a text file with the fingerprints. If it's an .ffp file you can just add .txt to the end. Open it in Notepad and copy and paste when you post.

2005-03-13, 03:37 PM
haha...thanks! That was too easy!

2005-03-13, 04:31 PM
if you got the show in shn format and it had no md5 how do you know you have all the data and its corruption free? In cases like this you need to listen to every track carefully and make sure theres not a problem since you have no way of verifying it. Turning it into flac will just cause you to make bad flacs if the original files are bad and generating your own md5 checksum will cause the same problems

2005-03-13, 05:46 PM
I think it goes without saying that we hope you've listened to any show you're seeding.