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Patty Mac
2007-10-23, 11:14 PM
Hello everyone and thanks for reading this, first of all. Ok here is the full story:

My brother was stupid (although, honestly he doesn't know much about computers and didn't do it willingly) and he got a virus on my computer. Just 3 Infected files. I'm pretty sure the two downloader trojans ended up downloading the third trojan, Byte.Traffic. Well, Norton must have instantly detected the files because he got pop ups from Norton but didn't know what they meant. I came home today and ran a spyware and full virus scan as well as fully clearing out all internet files. No infected files, but I still had the three in quarantine. I was able to delete all of them successfully. So, I'm wondering if I can rest easy. All infected files are deleted and all scans ran. I even checked the specific effects of the virus to make sure it didn't add porn links to my favs (bookmarks in Firefox). I am just really protective of the computer and was in a good mood yesterday before I went to the bar so I told my brother he could get on the PC, since he does every now and then and nothing has ever happened before. Oh well, sorry for the ramble but thanks for reading and for any help/piece of mind you can give me.


2007-10-23, 11:23 PM
Im sure all is well.
everyone likes this program or that - so expect 10 different answers on what to use.
Norton actually detected & removed some files - this is a good thing.

If you need further peace of mind - try Spyware Doctor www.pctools.com
(its not free - but it will scan and detect for free)

Ive been very impressed with what it finds and removes - but its a resource PIG. It steals all your RAM.

run it, then uninstall it. :wave:

2007-10-23, 11:30 PM
If you're feeling worried then perhaps installing AVG or Avast!-Anti-Virus and running another sweep, this time with a different program obviously, should set your mind at ease.

However, it appears you've taken care of the issue!