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2007-10-21, 05:04 PM
what is this message
tracker sending invalaid data: d1 faliure reason 22:invalid passkey (0-)e.

what's this and what do i need to do to dorrect it

this was a great show!!!

2007-10-21, 05:27 PM
You need to seed the show with the torrent from the thread (it gets personalized with a passkey upon download) or you will get the error you are seeing. So, stop the torrent and remove the torrent file from utorrent (red box, then red X) and then download the torrent from the thread and seed the show with it.

2007-10-21, 05:48 PM
sorry for bouncing thread to thread. i'll stay here. So after rereading your post, I wait for the file to dl back to me? then it seeds?
i don't really foolow this, but if it is how it works then great

2007-10-21, 05:51 PM
All right, now you have another problem and here's a FAQ for that: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/faq.php?faq=bittorrent#faq_wrong_folder

2007-10-21, 05:51 PM
george, just stop the torrent in your client.

Then, go to the thread and download THAT .torrent flie, just as a leecher would. When it asks where to put it, point it to your files and it will "check" to 100% and become a seed.

2007-10-21, 06:02 PM
Hey man, just like Lynne and James say...

As a seeder we still actually d/l the torrentfile from TTD just as if we were leechers. But, don't actually d/l the entire torrent... just stop it. Now, if you right click you will see "advanced". Navigate/browse through your folders to find the complete copy you wish to upload to us. Select that file. I have Utorrent just like you. The last thing is to right click that torrent and select "Force Recheck". You should get 100%. Now you start the torrent and you will show as the seeder!

Sounds complicated, but it isn't. Good luck! (Looks like a cool show... I love wilco).
>>--> cicada

2007-10-21, 06:02 PM
alright before i try this again, "point it to your files " you mena back to the folder on my cpu? and the "box" wasn't checked, but i did look, thanks

2007-10-21, 06:15 PM
still trying here, i thought i did it correctly
it's still trying to dl, i put the torrnet in the folder with the upload files
i stopped the dl and tried force start, still trying to dl

2007-10-21, 06:21 PM
can anyone else try to dl this to see if i did it correctly?
will it change from dl to upload if someone else tries, or is it still in limbo?

2007-10-21, 06:40 PM
quick grab the torrent, i think it's actually working!!
don't knoow if i could repeat that, i kept retrying diffent ways,
i think the key was opening the torrent inside of the folder.
thanks for the help