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2007-10-19, 02:18 AM
i'm trying to up a show for the first time and it's not showing me as a seeder or even showing up on the newest torrent list on the home page of ttd...can anyone please help me and tell me what i did wrong thanks!

2007-10-19, 03:39 AM
i'm trying to up a show for the first time and it's not showing me as a seeder or even showing up on the newest torrent list on the home page of ttd...can anyone please help me and tell me what i did wrong thanks!

Tell us in more detail what you've done so far.

If it hasn't shown up as a thread, please confirm that you did hit the "Create New Thread" button when you'd gone through the "Upload Show" dialogue .....(!)

If it's not showing up on the tracker as a thread, it'll be kinda difficult for the moderators to diagnose it.....

Regards, Graham

2007-10-19, 09:23 AM
i uploaded the torrent file that i created with traders little helper, then i clicked the create new thread button....then i started the torrent with utorrent and it isn't showing me as a seed

it does say that the tracker is sending invalid data because of an invalid passcode

2007-10-19, 09:33 AM
When you create the new thread, you need to save the torrent file from that thread to the same location you created the original torrent file, overwriting it with the one from the thread. You should have got a prompt for this when you created the thread. You can do this now by clicking on the torrent file (in blue, at the foot of the first post in the thread). You should probably stop the torrent in uTorrent before you do this. Once the torrent file is saved, then open it with uTorrent to start seeding.

Which thread did you start? What's the title?

You might want to try creating the torrent file with uTorrent rather than Traders Little Helper....? But I'm not sure if this would cause the passcode error.


Regards, Graham

2007-10-19, 09:57 AM
i made a new torrent with utorrent and i'm still getting the passcode error and it still isn't showing up in the latest torrents
the thread would be called The Grateful Dead 11-30-80 if it were to come up

2007-10-19, 11:19 AM
did you read and follow the FAQ?


2007-10-19, 11:22 AM
Here are the instructions for uploading (they are actually posted on the upload page):

Steps to Upload:
# Fill out information above
# Attach torrent file below

* Click on Upload Torrent button
* When window pops-up, Browse to torrent file
* Click on the Upload button
* After file is uploaded, click on Close This Window button

# Torrent file name will now appear in Attach Torrent box below
# Finally, hit the Submit New Thread button

You are getting to the step in bold, but forgetting the rest of them. You torrent is getting uploaded to the tracker, but you are forgetting to hit the Submit New Thread button on that main page.

2007-10-19, 11:31 AM
i swear to you...i'm following it the whole way through

2007-10-19, 11:44 AM
Well, if you follow it the whole way through, then after you hit the Submit button, you should be in your newly created thread with a red box at the top that say to download the torrent file. Like this link here: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=46225&torr=true

So, if you aren't ending up with that, what do you see after you hit the Submit New Thread button?

2007-10-19, 11:57 AM
after i hit the submit button it just takes me back to the upload audio torrent page with all my info still up

2007-10-19, 11:58 AM
sorry for being such a pain and thanks for helping me out by the way!!

2007-10-19, 12:18 PM
If you are being taken back to the same upload page, then one of two things is going on:

1) you have an error which is usually highlighted above the form - such as "No Fingerprints have been provided" or "No Artist has been provided", that type of thing. If this is the case, just provide the necessary info and hit Submit again.


2) you put too much text into the text boxes in which case no error shows up. If this is the case, then just put a small amount of text in the text field, hit Submit, and then when you are taken to the new thread, hit the Edit button and add in the missing text.

2007-10-19, 12:33 PM
ok...that makes sense...what do i put in the shntool md5 space...the info that i have is huge and that is probably what the problem is

2007-10-19, 12:36 PM
Well, if you have a whole lot of fingerprint/checksum info, what you should do is in the fingerprint area write "checksums in next post" and then submit the form. Then, after the thread is uploaded, just paste them in the next post in the thread.

2007-10-19, 12:40 PM
ok...i think i got it...thank you again for all the help