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2007-10-16, 02:24 PM
The WHOLE purpose behind bittorrent was to make it faster to download large files from a community database. It really makes me sick that I could be connected to 5 seeders and 4 leechers and only be able to download at 1.5Kb per second! If people would stop being so stingy and give up just 25Kb of bandwidth for uploads (Like I do...),downloading would be 4000% faster and maybe it wouldn't take a week to download a 4.3 Gb file... :mad:

2007-10-16, 02:32 PM
maybe if you weren't totally firewalled life would be better.

..just a little suggestion :)

2007-10-16, 03:38 PM

you are on three torrents.

On the first two EVERY client is firewalled. How do you guys expect to talk to each other that way? The third really isn't much better. It's true that you can contribute if you are firewalled, but not if EVERYONE is firewalled, since no connections can be made.

Time to head to school:

2007-10-17, 11:36 AM
Also please consider that more and more ISPs are using traffic shaping to throttle users' bandwidth.

For example, I used to be able to u/l at a constant 68kB/s or so, and now I'm lucky to sustain an average of 40 or so over a 24 hour period usually hovering around 20.

Because of this, many BT users are using transport encryption. You will not be able to connect to some users if they are using encryption & their BT client restricts them from connecting to *other* users unless they are *also* using encryption.

2007-10-17, 12:46 PM
There seem to be a lot of slow uploaders here, compared to other BT sites I've used. Granted, I'm new here, but my initial impression is that the few torrents I've checked out don't seem to download as fast as they "should", given the number of peers. There seem to be a lot of firewalled peers here. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just my imagination (... playing tricks on me... ).