View Full Version : multi media extenders

2007-10-13, 09:45 PM
looking for input on top what some people are using and what they suggest to purchase. Have been using my laptop to do this, but is not practical at all.

ex:TViX, Zensonic 500, Helios 5000,Kiss600, Netgear 8000, linksys, d-link, etc.

I have a full network running at home,and just want to play my video, and flac music files on my home system via wireless - it seems that Tvix is the only one that supports h264 - not sure what that is, but everyone is really into it as magor point. I know a lot are coming out in Nov of this year - linsys




any suggestions would be helpful - maybe should wait until the new ones come out, but looks like tvix is the real upfront runner here, with Helios as strong second due to strong support ,and firmware upgrades as I've read.

Thanks Evan