View Full Version : Azureus changes my upload speed

2007-10-11, 05:02 AM
I'm using the newest version of Azureus for Mac. I have the upload limit set to 0 (i.e. unlimited) but later it will automatically change itself to a random number, like 3. That of course is bad for my ratio. hah. I also tried setting it to 600k max, but it would still change the number on me. Now what's happening is I'll type in a number, say 500k max upload, then right before my eyes it will change the number to something else (3 often, for some reason). anyone know what's going on? I may just need to reinstall it or something. I really need to get Azureus to work though. I've had a lot of problems with other clients banning me from TTD lately because of announcing to the tracker too much (Lynne can attest to that, sorry again!). Any ideas? thanks

2007-10-11, 11:19 AM
BitTorrent clients don't do speeds in bits, but do it in Bytes. So, if you want to set the speed to 600 bps, in Azureus you actually want to set it to (600/8) 75 Bps. Try that and see if that is the problem.

I had a similar problem happening to me with Azureus. I would set the upload speed to 30, then later go change it to unlimited. All would be fine. But then I would go change the download speed to something like 100 and suddenly the upload speed would go back down to 30! I don't know if I finally just changed my way of doing this or what, but it hasn't done that to me recently.