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Kenneth Beahan
2007-10-04, 08:00 AM
Hello everyone, I am a Newbe on this forum. I was wondering about seeding on U-Torrent? I have downloaded a couple of the new VH shows. I have the downloads going into my U-Torrent site. When the 1st show was done, I cancelled it so it wouldn't seed for anyone else. Is this right? Or is it OK to let it seed so other people can also get this download? I want to do the right thing, and I don't want to do anything wrong. Can someone PLEASE help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenneth Beahan. :) :)

2007-10-04, 09:16 AM
Think of it this way..... if everyone else closed their window as soon as they finished the download, you would never have gotten the show. So, if you close your window, you may be preventing others from completing the show. The name of the game is Share. If you get something from someone, then you should share it back to others.

2007-10-04, 11:07 AM
(3.72 GB/294.52 MB/0.08)

See that?Thats your ratio chap.You can see it under your user name.

When the one i've put in bold is 1.00 (give or take a bit depending...),thats the right way.
If it stays low & you dont share back,you are mentioned in the name & shame thread for hit & running. ;)
It only stays low if you stop seeding when you have finished downloading the file (hit & running) .


Trader Dave
2007-10-04, 03:28 PM
If it stays low & you dont share back,you are mentioned in the name & shame thread for hit & running. ;)

will that go down on his permanent record?

2007-10-05, 03:43 AM
will that go down on his permanent record?

yep :lol embedded in google stone


2007-10-05, 04:55 AM
seed as long as you can... if it doesnt occupy too much HD space keep on :)
as for me its my primary concern on seeding.

Kenneth Beahan
2007-10-06, 03:23 PM
Hello again everyone, my intentions are to share everything I download. I stopped the sharing because I was unclear of if I could share it again. I don't know how to bring the downloads back, to continue to share, but I will promise everyone here, that if I can figure this out I will do that. If someone can offer me some help, it would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Again I am sorry for this, and if I am allowed, all my future dowloads will be shared. I love to share, and I will keep it running for as long as I can.

Sorry again, Kenneth Beahan.

2007-10-06, 04:10 PM
Start up your bittorrent application and hopefully the torrent files are still in there. If so, select one and then select Start (usually a green arrow at the top of the application).

2007-10-08, 08:16 AM
Yesterday I downloaded my 1st two shows with uTorrent. Even though after one show was complete and I became a seeder I still don't have any kind of share ratio. :hmm:

2007-10-08, 08:22 AM
are you sure that you downloaded those shows???? cause your ratio says you didn't download anything at all!
(0.00 KB/0.00 KB/---)
that's really werd!
was it on this tracker?

2007-10-08, 08:25 AM
I burned disc one of the 79 ZZ Top this morning to bring to work...........and it works.

The other show the The Smashing Pumpkins.

2007-10-08, 08:33 AM
that's werd cause it should say that you downloaded something. Unless you got it from another site i don't know what else could have happened!
Maby someone else here could help you out.

2007-10-08, 08:35 AM
It was from the audio torrent threads here at TTD.

I'm new at this so I have no idea.

2007-10-08, 10:21 AM
Hi door71,who supplies your internet?AOL?


2007-10-08, 10:26 AM

2007-10-08, 10:30 AM
Are you currently seeding any torrents cuz nothing is listed in your profile. When you set up uTorrent, did you change any of the parameters or leave it as is?

(Very strange that you downloaded something but nothing is in your stats? :hmm: )

2007-10-08, 10:40 AM
I don't think we changed anything. I'll have to look this evening.

I'm at work but I left it running with the 2 completed torrents...(ZZ Top 79 and The Smashing Pumpkins 10/20 show.

I also started the Van Halen 9/27 show but there weren't any seeders at the time........then we went to work and left it running.

2007-10-08, 10:42 AM

2007-10-08, 10:52 AM
I assume you mean Smashing Pumpkins 10-02, not 10-20. This one: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=46522&highlight=smashing As you can see, you aren't listed at all. Do you have another account here maybe? Also, there are a ton of seeders on Van Halen 9-27-2007. I'm getting more confused. :hmm:

2007-10-08, 11:04 AM
Yeah I meant 10/02....kinda hard to download a show that hasn't occured.

I only have 1 account. We just started uTorrent yesterday.

I'll be able to give more info when I get home.

2007-10-08, 11:15 AM
OK, great door71. It would be nice to figure out what is going on here.

2007-10-08, 04:44 PM
We are now downloading the Pumpkin 10/02 show again.

Seeds Peers

11 (14) 3 (9)

2007-10-08, 05:29 PM
You're *downloading* it again? Didn't you say you already downloaded it? As you can see here (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=46522&highlight=smashing), you are not listed on the Peers List. What does it say in uTorrent? Do you have a green light? Is it showing upload/download speeds and amounts? Anyway to get a screen capture? (If you don't want to post it here, you can send it to me at u2lynne@<hidden> )

And look at the difference in stats in the thread: Seeders: 34, Leechers: 3 Yet your client says there are only 14 total seeders and a total of 9 leechers. There is something very weird here. :hmm:

2007-10-08, 06:00 PM
There was an error on the 1st Pumpkin download we had.

I never got a folder with the FLAC files and text etc.

I did however get the ZZ Top and the 9/27 Van Halen show....they are already burnt to disc................the 1st cut on VH starts during the chorus and still has equipment problems, then goes silent for awhile before the recording starts in again.

I may be doing this all wrong...........but I somehow have those 2 shows.

I am getting upload and download and speed info from uTorrent.

2007-10-10, 06:34 AM
Still baffled on what uTorrent was doing so we went to Azureus and it seems to be working fine.
We have stats. :thumbsup

2007-10-10, 09:39 AM
Wow, finally some stats! I must say, that was just the weirdest thing that was going on. I emailed you about what was happening from my end.

If you know what your stats were supposed to be from uTorrent, you may PM me and I can manually add them in for you. It's up to you.

2007-10-10, 10:55 AM
I know, I read your E-mail and didn't even know how to respond to the weird shit that was happening.

I guess we'll just keep with the stats that are going now.

Thanks for all your help.