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2007-10-03, 08:05 AM
Why was that torrent pulled?

2007-10-03, 08:13 AM
as posted in the thread, I'll copy it here maybe you couldn't find it in the faq
5. CDR rips of material available on Silver CD and rips of CDRs burned from previously downloaded lossless files are not permitted.
We at The Traders' Den are trying to promote purity in the trading pool. When dealing with a set that has been released on silver pressed CD, we require that the lossless files have been cleanly ripped from an original silver CD. To help ensure that everyone has equal access to pure versions, Silver CD > CDR > Lossless is not a legal lineage. On the same token, once a show has been ripped to lossless media format, burning to a CD and then re-extracting is an extraneous step that often-times results in errors. FLAC, APE, or SHN sets that circulate may not be burned to audio CD and then re-traded or re-seeded. Please archive and trade only the original lossless files or acoustically identical alternate formats (verify this with shntool md5s). CDR generations are bad for the trading pool, and unless all versions of the bootleg circulate only on CDR, it will not be permitted here.

6. If you rip an audio CD to lossless files, you must use an error correcting ripper.
Right now, the only programs permitted for ripping are Exact Audio Copy (EAC), xACT, cdparanoia and PlexTools DAE. This is to ensure that the audio content of the lossless files perfectly matches that of your audio CD, and is not negotiable. Use one of these verifiable ripping programs or your seed will not be permitted.

We understand that some people may have older rips where the result logs may not have been included. In this case, please give your files a close listen to ensure that they are error-free before seeding. All new rips should contain result logs.

2007-10-26, 03:30 PM
Listening to it now, lineage unknown and everything, Sounds awesome, luckily I have better things to do than to worry about a lineage, Hey-zeus kee-rist. You'd think you were buying a Pomeranian or some dilettante thing.
Some people around here are like what my friend would say about park rangers.
Librarians with guns.

2007-10-27, 04:29 PM
this is probably not the right site for you then. the whole site is built around fussing over lineages for users who care about these kind of things. :wave: